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KNX Smart Home Solutions

The KNX smart system realizes the seamless interconnection among various home devices and systems, and can smartly control of lighting, dimming, curtains, air conditioning, ventilation,
 and floor heating. This transforms homes into smarter, more efficient, and more comfortable living spaces.

KNX Smart Home Solutions

01Lighting Control The smart home automation system seamlessly connects with various lighting devices, allowing you to effortlessly control lights through a switch panel, making light management simpler and more enjoyable. You can set up different scenes on the switch panel, such as “All On”, “All Off”, “Reading Mode”, and “Cinema Mode”, and switch the lighting status with one click. In addition to turning lights on/off, you can also adjust brightness, light colors, and color temperature.

Lighting Control

02Air Conditioning ControlIn the smart home automation system, the combination of fan coil actuators and thermostats is commonly used to provide users with convenient control of the air conditioning. Also, a variety of automation scenarios can be defined. For example, by setting up the “Away Mode” button, users can turn off all air conditioning devices with one click.

Air Conditioning Control

03Curtain ControlThe smart home automation system can control the curtains and blinds, providing convenient operation and personalized scene settings. In curtain control, curtain actuators and switch panels are key devices. Users can define various automation scenarios. For example, users can set the “wake up mode” button to open all the curtains with one click to welcome the morning sun.

Cutain Control

04Security SystemIntegrate the motion sensor into the security system, when people or animals enter the monitoring range of the sensor, it will automatically trigger an alarm or notify the residents to find abnormal situations in time.

Security System

05Central Control SystemThe central control system is used for centralized management and control of household equipment. Users can manage and monitor household equipment through the central control panel or computer to realize the lighting, curtains, dimming, RGB dimming, air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air, HVAC, background Music, energy display, air quality, timing management, scene management, and other interface function settings.

Central Control System

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