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KNX Silicon Controlled Dimming Actuator

Model: MD040502 (5A); MD021002 (10A); MD011602 (16A)
Main Input: 200~240V AC
Main output: 4/2/1 independent circuit SCR dimming output
KNX Bus Input: 21-30VDC
KNX Bus Current: ≤12mA; Bus Power: ≤ 2.7W
Shell Material: PA66
Size (mm): 220mm x 102mm x 68mm
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The dimming actuator MD24 series are modular installation devices with 4-circuits 5A, 2-circuits 10A and 1-circuits 16A outputs. EIB bus terminals are connected to EIB/KNX system, and ETS software (version ETS4.0 or above) is used for physical address allocation and parameter setting.

The dimming actuator can control voltage dimming of LED spotlights, downlights, halogen lamps, quartz lamps, etc. The output dimming type is cutting-edge dimming. With manual control buttons, LED indicates the dimming status of each circuit.

(1) 4 / 2 / 1 independent circuits SCR dimming output;

(2)With manual control dimming function;

(3)With relative dimming function and absolute dimming function;

(4)With status report feedback function;

(5)With timing cycle function, can realize stair light control and cyclic flashing control;

(6)With field save and restore function;

(7)With scene combination control function;

(8)Dimming lamps range: LED spotlight, downlight, halogen lamp, quartz lamp and other voltage dimming, output dimming type leading edge dimming;

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