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Schuko Socket with USB (Type C+A)

Series: ED8; ED8B;
Model: ST-16D-2USB-ED8 / ED8B
Color: White; Black; Grey; Champagne
Material: Plastic / Metal
Size (mm): 86x86
Power: 16A 250V AC
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Schuko power socket with dual usb port (Type C & Type A). The socket is convenient and pratical, with wide compatibility, eliminating the trouble of finding a charger when needed. The charger is a dual USB port for fast charging, which can automatically match the charging voltage and current of two devices at the same time. Connect the USB data cable to the USB port in the socket and the other end to the mobile phone / tablet or other electrical devices. The charger supports an outpout of 5V DC 3A, 9V DC 2.2A, 12V DC 1.67A. At the same time, it can be used together with multi-function sockets, one socket panel, multiple uses.

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