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Light Dimmer Switch

Series: D8; D8B; V8-Z8; V8-RP; D5
Model: LF-DIM-D8 / D8B / V8-Z8 / V8-RP / D5
Color: White; Black; Grey; Champagne; Silver;
Material: Metal / Plastic / Tempered Glass
Size (mm): 86x86;
Voltage: 220V AC;
Output Power: <60W
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The dimmer switch can meet people's different brightness requirements at different times, and the brightness can be adjusted by the knob. It is suitable for use in homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, and other places.

Three types of switch: full large panel (D8 / D8B series); Medium-Large Modular with frame (D29 / V8-Z8 series); Small Modular with frame (V8-RP / D5 series).


Output Power:<60W (ONLY Incandescent Lamp)

Power Frequency: 50 / 60Hz;

Operating Temperature: -20℃~+40℃

Working Humidity: ≤95%

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