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KNX Human Presence Sensor

Model: SNR0502
Bus voltage: 21-30VDC, KNX bus power
Auxiliary voltage: 24V; Bus current: ≤ 3mA
Auxiliary power: <792mW; Opening diameter: Φ53mm≤d≤55mm
Sensing distance: Installation height 2.5m~3m, radiation range within 5m
Dimensions (H x D): Height H=40mm Diameter=67mm

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Mobile signals, micro-motion signals, and microwave radar accurately detect the presence of the human body, and achieve precise automatic control of the load based on the environmental illumination value;

Functional characteristics: radar detection, human presence detection;

Certification standards: CE certification, KNX certification, product safety test report.

Detection range:

H: 2.5m~3m, recommended value: 2.7m

W1: Range: 4m~5m, high sensitivity range

W2: Range: 5m~7m, maximum sensing range

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