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KNX Four-in-One Sensor

Model: SNR0404
Bus voltage: 21-30VDC, KNX bus power; Bus current: ≤ 12mA
Bus power: ≤ 360mW; Shell material: ABS
Sensing distance: Installation height 2.5m~3.5m, radiation range 5m~7m
Dimensions (H x D): Height H=30mm Diameter=80mm

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The four-in-one sensor is mainly installed on the ceiling. It is a device that can sense external signals and physical conditions (such as light, movement, temperature, humidity), and transmit the sensed information to other devices (such as dimmers, relays) to realize its function. It is connected to the EIB / KNX system through the EIB bus terminal, and the engineering design tool software ETS software (version ETS4.0 or above) is used to allocate physical addresses and set parameters.

Function description:

(1) Illuminance, temperature, and humidity value loop output function

(2) 2-way illumination, temperature, and humidity control, two channels each, can output 1 bit, 4 bits, and 1 byte of data

(3) Infrared motion trigger control function

(4) Temperature change trigger control function

(5) Humidity change trigger control function

(6) Infrared motion and brightness logic function

(7) Infrared motion master-slave function

(8) Channel control output function of opening or prohibiting illumination and infrared motion through objects

(9) Combination of illumination and motion to control lights

(10) Combination of temperature and humidity to control air conditioner switches

(11) Infrared motion, illumination, temperature, and humidity four-in-one sensor

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