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KNX Fan Coil Actuator

Model: MF0110; MF0210
Main Input: 200-240VAC (50/60Hz)
KNX Bus Input: 21-30VDC
KNX Bus Current: ≤12mA
Bus Power: ≤ 360mW
Shell Material: PA66
Size (mm): 145mm x 90mm x 64mm
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The 10A series fan coil actuator is a modular installation device. It is connected to the EIB / KNX system through the EIB bus terminal. The engineering design tool software ETS software (version ETS4.0 or above) is used to allocate physical addresses and set parameters.

The maximum load current output by each series of fan coil actuators is 10A. Especially when multiple fans are connected in parallel, the load that can be carried will be reduced. Although the power remains unchanged, the instantaneous inrush current will increase. It is easy to melt the relay contacts, so it is appropriate to use 1/5 or 1/6 of the maximum current.

The relay has manual switch control and magnetic holding function. The 10A fan coil module has 4 dry contact input interfaces, which can input control commands such as switches, curtains, dimming, and scenes.

Function description:

(1) Control 4-pipe and 2-pipe fan coil units;

(2) With manual switch control;

(3) The relay has a magnetic holding function;

(4) Delay on/off function;

(5) Heating and cooling can be output under automatic or manual control, with heating and cooling interlock functions;

(6) The wind speed can be controlled automatically or manually in three levels: high, medium and low, with wind speed interlocking function;

(7) Selection function of relay switch status after bus power outage and voltage recovery;

(8) Can report local wind speed and valve status;

(9) The 10A fan coil actuator has an I/O dry contact input interface, which can input control instructions such as switches, curtains, dimming, and scenes; it can directly link fire emergency lighting;

(10) I/O wiring communication distance: less than 10m.

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