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KNX 0-10 V Dimming Actuator

Model: MD041601; MD061601
Main Input: 200~240V AC; Main Output: 0-10V
0-10V Output: Output of each circuit≤ 40mA
KNX Bus Input: 21-30VDC
KNX Bus Current: ≤12mA; Bus Power: ≤ 2.7W
Shell Material: PA66
Size (mm): 145mm x 90mm x 64mm 4/6 Circuits
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The 4 / 6 circuits dimming actuator (0-10V) modules are modular installation devices with 4 / 6 circuits 0-10V outputs. EIB bus terminals are connected to EIB/KNX system, and ETS software (version ETS4.0 or above) is used for physical address allocation and parameter setting.

The execution module has 4 / 6 channels, each channel includes a relay switch output and a 0-10V output. 0-10V dimming signal interface and 0-10V dimming transformer can dimming incandescent, fluorescent, LED and other lamps. With manual control buttons, LED indicates the dimming status of each circuit.


(1)With 4 / 6 circuits 0-10V dimming interface

(2)With 4 / 6 circuits 16A switch control;

(3)With manual control dimming function;

(4)With relative dimming function and absolute dimming function;

(5)With status report feedback function;

(6)With timing cycle function, can realize stair light control and cyclic flashing control;

(7)With field save and restore function;

(8)Selection function of dimming output value and relay switch state after bus power failure and voltage recovery;

(9)With scene control function

(10)4 / 6 circuits  dry contact input interface, which can input control instructions such as switches, curtains, dimming, scenes, etc., directly linked to fire emergency lighting

(11)Range of application: for all kinds of lamps (downlights, spotlights, wall lamps, light strips, fluorescent lamps, etc.) with 0-10V dimming interface drive, for control device with 0-10V interface (0-10V interface air conditioner, 0-10V fan side pipe, 0-10V fresh air system, etc.)

(12)I / O wiring communication distance: less than 10m.

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