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KNX Curtain Gateway

Model: MG0901
KNX Bus Input: 21-30VDC
KNX Bus Current: ≤12mA
Bus Power: ≤ 360mW
Shell Material: PA66
Size (mm): 46mm x 46mm x 12mm
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(1) KNX/RS485 curtain gateway can be used for KNX equipment to control RS485 curtain motor;

(2) There are two channels, each channel can control up to 10 curtain motors, a total of 20 curtain motor positions can be allocated;

(3) Support scene function, each curtain motor has 12 scene numbers, that is, 12 scenes can be allocated;

(4) 8-bit scene control can be carried out, and the set scene function can be called;

(5) Functions such as position control, direction control and travel point setting can be performed.

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