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KNX Curtain Actuator

Model: MC0406
Main Input: 200~240V
KNX Bus Input: 21-30VDC
KNX Bus Current: ≤10mA
Bus Power: ≤ 2.3W
Shell Material: PA66
Size (mm): 145mm x 90mm x 64mm
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The curtain actuator modules are modular installation devices with  4 circuits outputs. EIB bus terminals are connected to EIB/KNX system, and ETS software (version ETS4.0 or above) is used for physical address allocation and parameter setting.

The maximum load current for output of each curtain actuator is 6A, including 4-circuits intelligent relays with manual control buttons, LED indicates the switch status of each circuit.  


(1)Independently control 4 circuits of AC motor;

(2)With manual control curtain / projection curtain function;

(3)You can set the time interval to cycle on or off;

(4)With field save and restore functions;

(5)Status value query reply function;

(6)Selection function of relay switch state after bus power failure and voltage recovery;

(7)With scene combination control function;

(8)4 circuits dry contact input interface, which can input control instructions such as switches, curtains, dimming, and scenes, and can be directly linked to fire emergency lighting;

(9)Range of application: opening and closing curtains, projection curtains, jalousie, rolling shutters, elevators, etc.;

(10)I / O wiring communication distance: less than 10m;

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