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D8B Series Mechanic Switch

Series: D8B
Model: SW-10XX-D8B
Color: Black; Grey; Champagne; Amber; Bronze; Red Copper
Material: Metal
Size (mm): 86x86;
Voltage: 250V AC;
Current: 10A
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(1) The types of switch : 1 gang 1 / 2 way switch; 2 gang 1 / 2 way switch; 3 gang 1 / 2 way switch; 4 gang 1 / 2 way switch;

(2)  Metal plate material: stainless steel / aluminum;

(3) The back box is fireproof and good insulation;

(4) 1-4 Vertical conjoined frame or level conjoined frame.

Installation Method:

1. Connection according to connection diagram;

2. Dissemble the frame;

3. Dissemble the right and left key cover and expose the hole for fix;

4. Put the screw into the hole and screw in with torque 0.2-0.4N.m (2.0-4.0kgf.cm) fixing the switch;

5. Assemble the key cover and frame.

No need to dissemble key cover under following condition:

1. Fix hole is exposed out of key cover.

2. Using additional hole to fix

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