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13A British Wall Power Socket

Series: D8;D8B;N8V
Model: ST-1312-D8 / D8B / N8V; ST-1322-D8 / N8V
Color: Black; Grey; Champagne; White
Material: Metal / Plastic / Tempered Glass
Size (mm): 86x86;146x86
Power: 13A 250V AC
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Multiple types: 1 gang 13A BS socket / with switch / with switch and neon; 2 gang 13 BS socket with switch / with switch and neon

The panel uses an ultra-thin structure to make the product close to the wall, and the back box reserves more wiring positions, which greatly reduces the problem of insufficient cable space, making installation and use more convenient and safer;

UK standard power socket is common in: GB, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong;

It has three rectangular pins with a triangle pattern and includes a fuse;

British power sockets also have shutters on the live and neutral contacts to prevent foreign objects from entering.

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