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Quality Control


Material Selection

The company strictly selects high-quality materials for the manufacturing of switches and sockets. These materials undergo careful screening and testing to ensure excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance, guaranteeing long-term performance and aesthetics of the products.

Manufacturing Processes

The company utilizes advanced manufacturing processes and technologies for producing switches and sockets. With its own mold workshop, the company can independently produce various components. The production process follows standardized and regulated procedures to ensure manufacturing quality and consistency.


Quality Standards

The company establishes stringent quality standards as the benchmark for assessing product quality. These standards encompass performance, reliability, durability, safety, and compliance aspects. Tests such as aging tests for assessing product lifespan and electrical tests for evaluating performance are conducted to meet the quality standards.

Quality Control

The company implements rigorous quality control procedures at every stage of production. From raw material inspections to production line inspections and final product inspections, each step is thoroughly monitored by the quality control department to ensure that every product meets the predetermined quality standards.

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