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Product Features


Various Materials are Available

There are plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, glass and other materials to choose from, so that the product texture and feel of touch can meet different customer preferences.

Multi-color Optional

Different materials have different surface treatment processes, such as painting, nano-plating process, screen printing process, integrated injection molding process, oxidation process, etc. Rich color choices can meet different decoration styles in terms of texture and vision.

Patent Changeable Backlight Technology

The different working states of the switch are indicated by the color of the LED light on the button, the white light is turned on, and the orange light is turned off.


Anti-glare Design

In the process of waking up in the dark, the bright white light will make the eyes feel uncomfortable, but the soft orange backlight will not be dazzling even in the dark at night.

Inductive Backlight Function

When the switch panel is in the off-screen state, when the user waves his palm in front of the panel or the human body moves, the panel detects the movement of the human body, and the backlight on the panel will light up. When the panel detects no human body within the set time, the light will automatically turn off.

Customizable Words or Icons

The words or icons on the switch can be customized according to the user's scene, so that the user can clearly identify the switch function of each area.


Conjoined Structure

The product can be made into 1/2/3/4 conjoined structure, making the decoration style more unified, simple and beautiful.

Various Decorative Frames are Available

Different decorative frames can be selected according to customer requirements: K plastic frame, J steel frame, all have 1/2/3/4 conjoined styles to match different decoration styles.

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